Why Not?

Why not is a powerful question. But it’s a question that deserves to be asked. When everybody is doing the same thing, and they’ve been doing it that same way for generations, then maybe it is time to take a step back and ask simply—what if there’s another way?

See, that’s exactly the question Dave and Becky Kuhl faced. They grew up with the same stories everybody does, of cowboys and cattle drives. Of longhorns and the Texas way. So when they wanted to start their own story, that’s where they went. Right on down to Texas. But no matter where they went across that big ‘ol Lone Star State, the same question kept nagging at the back of their minds like a horse fly.

They grew up in Southern Illinois, and that’s the land they know. Why couldn’t great performance horses come from there too? Why not? After all, it’s just as much the people who make the horses as the land. Do good horse people only come from Texas? And how about the numbers. Down there, they like it big. Big papers and big winnings. They talk in dollars and profits. What’s stopping the same big-name, finished horses with serious earnings coming from right here at the Gateway to the West? Why not?

Down South, they say go big or go home. Well, Dave and Becky did both. They took their handful of why-nots and came home. But they made sure to bring along a few new friends for the ride. After all, home is where the horse is. Welcome to Skillet Fork.